18. Sep, 2018

Tamil Movie Dubbed In Hindi Free Download Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

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A squadron of giant robot pilots of a beleaguered Earth colony bring the war to their oppressive home planet.

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original title: Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Drama,Romance,Sci-Fi

imdb: 8

duration: 30min

keywords: mobilesuit, space, spacecolony, robot, future, giantrobot, oneworldgovernment, surrealism, fictionalwar, youngsoldier, younglove, warrior, warlord, spacecraft, spacewar, spaceopera, soldier, planetear

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In the future, humanity has constructed several space colonies. But the corrupt Treize and his organization Oz have manipulated the United Earth Sphere Alliance into controlling earth and its colonies with an iron fist. To counteract this extreme measure, rebel colonies launch Operation: Meteor; an attempt to smuggle Mobile Suits made of Gundanium alloy to earth to combat the corruption and free earth and the colonies from Oz's control. One of these "Gundams" is piloted by Heero Yuy, who is shot down and is forced to blend in to enemy society. Now up against social issues with a girl named Relena and Oz and its puppets, Heero must unite with other rebels and save his people. In the year After Colony 195, Earth is surrounded by orbiting space colonies. The colonists are cruelly oppressed by the Earth Sphere Alliance, which uses huge humanoid fighting machines called "Mobile Suits" to control the populace. Behind this tyranny is the secret society called "Oz," which has infiltrated the Alliance military and steered it towards its repressive course. Now, the space colonies are ready to strike back. Five young pilots, equipped with advanced mobile suits called "Gundams," are sent to Earth to wage guerilla war against Oz and its Alliance puppets. The war to decide humanity's destiny begins... Gundam Wing is probably one of the best animated shows geared at teens, one reason is that, unlike most of the other action animation, it actually has a deeper plot than shoot the other guy. There is admittedly a lot more talking than fighting, this is mostly because this show actually tries to develop the characters and plot. As well as that the animation is done masterfully, and the plots are fairly original. And as for the revolution every week thing, take a look in the history books, it happens a lot more than you might imagine. Gundam Wing is not original. A lot of ideas were taken from previous Gundam series. Nothing original about it. They copied almost everything except mass casualties. At least three of the five Gundam pilots should have been killed. Rating: 2.5 of 5 for not being original, I recommend you to watch Mobile Suit Gundam or other related series. Don't pay attention to GW fanfare.


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